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International Sheepdog
Trials 2023 Wicklow

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To those of you who are unfamiliar with the world of sheepdog trialling, the International Sheepdog Trial is one of the largest events in the sheepdog calendar. The purpose of a Sheep Dog Trial is to test the abilities of the best working dogs, in an environment close to true working life. The International Sheepdog Trial 2023 will showcase the talents of 60 dogs from across Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. These 60 dogs will consist of the top 15 dogs selected from each nations National Trial, which take place over July and August. The International Trial itself will consist of two days of qualification, with the top 15 dogs qualifying for the final known as the International Supreme Championship. This final will be held on day 3 of the International Trial, with the largest crowd expected for this day. In addition to the Supreme Championship, there will also be a Brace Championship, which involves two dogs working in harmony with one another. This will take place at lunchtime on day 1 and 2 and will consist of two Brace teams from each Nation, a total of eight Brace teams across the two days. A Young Handler Competition will take place on the final day with one competitor selected from each Nation.

 - James Byrne

The International Sheepdog Trials is truly an unforgettable experience. From watching the impressive skills of the top sheepdogs and their handlers, to enjoying the lively atmosphere of the event with my family, it was a day filled with excitement and entertainment.

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The International Sheepdog Trials is a highly anticipated event for shepherding enthusiasts from around the world.


This competition showcases the skills of both the dogs and their handlers as they work together to herd sheep through a challenging course. The latest news about this event can bring excitement and anticipation for competitors, fans, and spectators alike.

Latest News

60 Sheepdogs

300 + Sheep

60 Handlers

15 Finalists

The International Sheepdog Trials is a fun day out for the whole family, with entertainment throughout the day for all ages. 


Alongside the trials, guests at The International Sheepdog Trials can enjoy live music, demonstrations, a funfair, exhibitors, traders, a dog show and much more.

Various food and drink stalls from local suppliers will be available across the site, with a dedicated covered picnic area for guests to enjoy a variety of cuisines in comfort. 

Essential Information

The International Sheepdog Trials is located just off the N81. Whether travelling from down the road or internationally, the event is easily accessible by car or public transport. Find out more and plan your journey

For accommodation, there are many local hotels and bed & breakfasts available. View our recommendations.

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