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The International Sheepdog Trials not only bring together top sheepdogs and their handlers, but also offer a unique platform for exhibitors to showcase their products and services related to the world of sheepdog handling and training. Exhibitors from a range of industries such as dog food and treats, training equipment, veterinary care, and more, set up their booths at the event to display their products and connect with visitors.


This provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about the latest products and services related to sheepdog training and care, and also provides a platform for exhibitors to connect with potential customers and promote their brands. Moreover, the event attracts a large and diverse crowd, including dog lovers, trainers, breeders, and enthusiasts, providing exhibitors with an opportunity to connect with a wide range of individuals and exchange knowledge and ideas.


Overall, the exhibitors at the International Sheepdog Trials contribute to the dynamic and informative atmosphere of the event, making it a must-attend for those interested in the world of sheepdog handling and training.

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