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The Location

The International Sheepdog Trials held in Threecastles, Blessington, County Wicklow are a highly anticipated annual event for dog lovers and farming enthusiasts alike. The trials attract top sheepdogs and their handlers from around the world, who compete in a series of challenging rounds that test their skills in herding sheep

It is possible to travel by train or bus to the event, although visitors may need to arrange for transportation from the nearest station or stop. Overall, while getting to the International Sheepdog Trials may require some extra effort, the rewards of experiencing this unique event make it well worth the journey.

Getting Here


Finding suitable accommodation for the International Sheepdog Trials is an important consideration for visitors who are traveling from afar. Depending on the location of the event, there may be a range of accommodation options available, including hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, and camping facilities.


It is advisable tobook accommodation well in advance, as the trials often attract a large number of visitors, and availability may be limited. Visitors should also consider factors such as proximity to the event site, accessibility, and amenities when choosing their accommodation. Overall, with careful planning and research, visitors can find comfortable and convenient accommodation options to enhance their experience of the International Sheepdog Trials.



Visitors are advised to arrive early to secure a good parking spot and to follow any instructions provided by the event organisers. Overall, while parking in fields at the International Sheepdog Trials may require some extra effort, it adds to the charm and character of this unique event.



Blessington, located in County Wicklow, Ireland, is a charming town that offers visitors a range of attractions and activities to explore before or after attending the International Sheepdog Trials. One of the town's most popular destinations is the Blessington Lakes, a scenic reservoir that provides opportunities for water activities such as boating, fishing, and kayaking. The town is also home to the historic Russborough House, a magnificent 18th-century mansion with impressive art collections and beautifully landscaped gardens.


Visitors can also explore the Wicklow Mountains National Park, which offers stunning vistas, walking trails, and a chance to see the local wildlife. Additionally, the town of Blessington boasts a variety of cafes, restaurants, and pubs, where visitors can sample local cuisine and relax with a drink. With its blend of natural beauty and cultural attractions, Blessington is a must-visit destination for those attending the International Sheepdog Trials.

What's Nearby


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